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The benuu fat loss system is simple - just follow the rules below...

If you do nothing else, please remember this rule. It is the key to managing your metabolism and, bizarrely, if you skip a meal, you are not improving your diet efficiency through saving calories, you are actually harming your chances of long term diet and fat loss success. Not eating for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time will reduce your metabolic rate and signal your body to store any energy it receives. The healthy way to boost your energy consumption during the day is to combine three small, balanced meals with 2-3 small, healthy, high protein mini-meals. See how benuu products can work within your lifestyle to help you achieve this key rule effortlessly - Using Benuu.


Protein is meat, fish, eggs, tofu and cheese and should be the main part of every meal in your diet, yet most women do not eat nearly enough of this key nutrient. Protein makes up 75% of your body that isn’t water and is essential for your body to grow and repair. It has been proven to have a marvellous ability to make you:

  • feel fuller for longer
  • increase your metabolism
  • regulate your blood sugar
  • slow down the rate at which other food is turned into fat - Benefits of Protein.

benuu mini-meals each provide a serving of the purest protein, helping you feel full between meals and providing an excellent source of this essential nutrient - View Products.


This is tied in to the first benuu fat loss rule but we thought we’d mention it again in case rule number 1 didn’t quite hit the spot. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and the 2 new benuu mini-meals you are going to eat every day. The beauty is that if you have all these meals, you need never feel starving again and you’ll also be helping yourself lose fat. Perfect.


A normal sized woman’s RDA of calories is approximately 2,000. Some diets will restrict you to c. 1,000 calories or maybe even less per day. This is virtually malnutrition rather than a sustainable diet. Furthermore, eating so few calories per day only serves to make your body adapt to living on 1,000 calories a day - so if you eat anything over and above this tiny amount, the additional energy gets stored as fat. ]link to why diets fail – extreme low calorie diet]

Following the benuu fat loss system, you will aim for approximately a 20% reduction in calories spread over 5 meals rather than 2 or 3 you are probably eating now. This is enough to get the fat loss you want to achieve but without any of the negative issues associated with extremely low calorie diets such as cravings, binge eating and negative body changes. Due to the more regular eating pattern and the increased levels of protein consumed, along with the appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters included in each benuu mini-meal, you should find it easy to maintain a lower calorie intake as you will feel full throughout the day so your main meals will naturally reduce in size. Furthermore, by reducing carbohydrates (which are calorie dense), your meals will automatically reduce in calories.


Most diets aren’t sustainable because no matter how hard you try to convince yourself, you are never going to eat just cabbage soup for the rest of your life, nor are you going to replace lunch and breakfast with a bowl of cereals, soup or a bar forever. So, with the benuu fat loss system, we give you a day off. Every week. And the best bit about this is it actually helps you maintain your fat loss!!

Research shows that eating fewer calories over a sustained period reduces your metabolism through changes in your hormone levels. A weekly day of eating more calories helps maintain your hormone levels at a more normal level and maintain your metabolism at a higher level. This allows you to continue to benefit from the benuu fat loss system for the remainder of the week, when you are sticking to the benuu fat loss rules more strictly In addition, the day of non-dieting will reduce your cravings, make the benuu fat loss system more sustainable and boost your fat loss potential.

Granted, we cannot recommend you feast yourself on every bit of food you find on your day off, but a day of being less strict will definitely be of benefit to your fat loss and your ability to stick to the benuu fat loss system.


No food is banned outright on the benuu fat loss system, which explains why it is possible to stick to the plan and change your eating habits forever to promote fat loss. However, certain foods are strongly discouraged at certain times of the day or the week View Food Table. This is because the whole purpose of the system is to fit a successful fat loss regime around your life and the way you live it. We understand that you are never going to give up chocolate, crisps, wine or chips (or whatever your particular vice may be) entirely. However, you should be able to reduce the amount you eat of it during the week if you know you can have it on your cheat day (rule 5).

Another benefit of the benuu fat loss system and the addition of 2 mini-meals to your daily eating plan is that you will not feel hungry during the day. This will make it significantly easier to you to avoid unhealthy foods, which are often turned to during weak moments when you feel ‘starving’ and have reduced willpower


It is important when you embark on a change in diet that you understand what is possible and what is unrealistic. Losing half a stone in a week on an extreme diet, as is often promised, is never going to mean you have lost half a stone of fat. In fact, the lost “7lbs in 7 days” will mostly be lost water and muscle. The problem with this is that whilst it sounds great, you’ll regain the water once you hydrate yourself properly and if you lose muscle you actually make it more difficult for you to maintain any fat losses made as less muscle equals a reduced metabolism - Fat Loss vs Weight Loss. In addition, losing muscle will not result in the toned body you are hoping for; it will result in a lighter body that still appears flabby which is presumably not the desired result!


It has been proven that the majority of people often confuse thirst signals for hunger. For this reason it is absolutely essential that you maintain your hydration levels by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you aren’t a fan of water, try green tea, zero-sugar cordial or heavily diluted fruit juice instead. Another reason you should stay hydrated it that water is critical for a healthy metabolism, contributes to a feeling of fullness and promotes fat loss. Being properly hydrated will also improve your complexion and skin tone.


Sugar is a form of carbohydrate, and not surprisingly, causes a very fast increase in your blood sugar level which means you are more likely to store fat from any more energy you take on. Sugars also create a hormone boost which gives you a ‘sugar rush’. However when the short term rush ends, your body craves another one, which can lead to binge eating if your willpower isn’t strong. Sugar can hide in any number of foods and is especially prevalent in low fat foods, so check the labels carefully. For example, the RDA for an average woman is 60g and yet, some so-called ‘low fat’ foods have almost that amount in one serving or bottle!


Calories, sugar and fat in drinks are often overlooked in calculations of how many calories have been consumed in a day. However, research has shown that as many as 33% of calories consumed by a group of obese people in America were from drinks, particularly in fizzy drinks, fruit juice, alcoholic drinks, ‘sports drinks’ and coffees such as latte or cappuccino.

Reduce your calorie intake from drinks by switching to zero calorie or diet options, diluting fruit juice with water and switching to lighter options such as black coffee or skimmed milk versions.


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