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Your benuu fat loss system allows you to eat proper food, lose fat and not feel starving due to its focus on more regular eating of high protein, low carbohydrate foods throughout the day.

In addition, the plan recommends a day off from your diet when you can be less strict with what
you eat. We believe most women know instinctively if the food they are eating is healthy or
not but, just to be sure, we have listed some of the foods below which should be reduced
but remember, nothing has to be avoided completely forever - you just need to be aware
of when and how much you eat of them.

We also set out below those foods which you should aim to eat lots of -
these should form the basis of most of your meals, especially during
the 6 stricter days of the benuu fat loss system.

Eat lots Eat less Cheat day
benuu products Potatoes Pastries
Chicken Pasta in tomato sauces Fast food
Fish Rice Sweets, biscuits & chocolate
Turkey Unsweetened pop corn Full fat milk
Eggs Cous cous Microwave & processed meals
Quorn Wholegrain rice Pizza
Mixed salad Wholemeal bread Chips
Vegetables Fruit Crisps
Berries Rice cakes Pasta in cream sauce
Water Cereal bars Sugary soft drinks
Porridge oats / Oatmeal White bread
Sweet potato Low fat / low carb meals


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100% Money Back Guarantee