Fat Loss or Weight Loss?

Another reason for the perceived failure of long term results from other diets, is that they focus on weight loss rather than fat loss. This is an important distinction and can often be used to explain why the scales immediately begin to rise again once you have finished your diet and returned to your original eating habits.


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A lot of diets cause weight loss by a combination of muscle wastage and by reduction of water, as well as losing fat. This allows you to lose weight quicker than the body is capable of if you are only losing fat. This may sound great but it is a flawed mentality for sustained fat loss and achieving the fantastic body you wish to have and show off.


How benuu works

The image to the right should demonstrate exactly why you should be aiming to reduce fat and not simply lose weight.

The image shows 5 pounds of fat in comparison to 5 pounds of muscle tissue. The 5 pounds of fat takes up more space and will make you appear bigger and more ‘wobbly’ or less toned.

Of all the women we know and have interviewed whilst creating the benuu system, the vast majority of women said they wanted a lean and sexy body rather than simply a skinny body. Losing muscle and fat will create a skinny body. Losing fat only, creates the perfect athletic physique. And no. it won’t make you look like a body builder unless you hit the gym and lift heavy weights!

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How benuu works

Muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat. Simply losing muscle, which is the easiest source of energy for the body to use when in starvation mode, will reduce your basic metabolic rate. The downside of this is that you will have to eat fewer calories to avoid storing more fat and when you, inevitably, return to your more normal diet, you will quickly put more fat back on, potentially making you appear more flabby.

The benuu system is specifically designed to provide the nutritional make up to maintain body fat and promote fat loss. So whilst the scales may not drop as quickly as with more extreme, flawed diets, we guarantee that you will notice the changes in the mirror.



How benuu works

Put simply, many diets will cause you to lose water in addition to losing muscle and fat. This is not lost weight so whilst it may make you feel good when you step on the scales, it is not sustainable so once you re-hydrate properly, you simply get that weight back.

In addition, being de-hydrated is unhealthy and keeping yourself properly hydrated will benefit your fat loss programme:

Being thirsty is often mistaken for being hungry – keeping yourself properly hydrated will help you feel fuller and more satisfied

Dehydration impairs your mental performance and alertness

Dehydration can cause you to look tired through bags under your eyes or a sallow appearance


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100% Money Back Guarantee