Follow the guidance below to work out how to optimise you fat loss and get the most your of your benuu fat loss system. It’s amazingly simple to follow and by eating more regularly, you’ll satisfy your hunger, reduce cravings AND boost your metabolism.


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You can use the benuu fat loss rules to revolutionise the way you eat and still lose fat and weight without using our products. However, we know that eating 5 times a day with protein being the main part of each meal is tough and requires a lot of preparation.

For this reason, we have created a range of products which fit into your lifestyle (and your handbag!) and satisfy the second and fourth mini-meals of the day, leaving you to concentrate only on the meals you currently are preparing and eating. benuu mini-meals are high in protein and low (or zero!) in carbohydrates and sugar to fill you up and allow you to eat more lightly at your normal meal times.

All benuu products are delicious and low in calories with less than 200 calories in each serving.

A benuu Shot, Shake or Bar is also packed with proven aids to fat loss such as green tea extract, caffeine, CLA and hoodia which will suppress your appetite and raise your metabolism to speed up your results. As an added benefit the products all contain a blend of women-specific vitamins to provide all round health benefits.


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100% Money Back Guarantee