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Do I need to exercise to get toned?

No, you do not need to exercise to get a toned, attractive body which you can be proud of and many people with great bodies achieve this simply by managing what they eat and when. Certainly, if you follow the benuu eating system, you will lose fat and become more toned, whether you exercise or not.

However, if you do exercise, this will be beneficial both to your health and to the speed of your fat loss as it increases the rate at which your body burns calories from food you consume. We would recommend is that you try to find some energetic activity that you enjoy doing (or at least do not hate doing!). This could be playing team sports, walking the dog briskly, running, attending classes or any other activity that gets the heart rate going.


What type of exercise should I do?

If you do want to exercise in addition to following the benuu system, we would recommend that you do something fun and energetic, that you can see yourself keeping up over a sustained period.

The best type of exercise for weight loss is based on a stop and go principle - ie. Short bursts of exercise followed by a period of (relative) rest. This would include most team sports, resistance training or interval training at the gym. This steady state of exercise has the following benefits:

1. increased metabolic rate over a longer period (sometimes as long as 36 hours)

2. increased fat burning potential

3. increased definition of muscles

4. improved efficiency of the heart

5. better production of anti-oxidants

6. less wear and tear of the joints

How does exercise affect body fat?

An increase in exercise will help to increase your consumption of calories. The more physical activity you do the more calories you will burn. Accordingly, if you increase your physical activity, and do not increase your intake of food, you will draw the extra energy needed from your stored body fat. This fat burning potential can be enhanced by following a scientifically balanced eating system such as the benuu system as the energy you consume is spread more evenly throughout the day and is less likely to be stored as fat, even if you didn't exercise.

What should I eat for my breakfast, lunch and dinner?

With the benuu fat loss system, you should eat every three hours or so which includes the 2 benuu mini-meals you will incorporate in your day. For your main meals, you should include a protein source as the main part of the meal accompanied by some low GI carbohydrates, such as whole grains, vegetables or pulses. This creates a balanced meal which will release energy gradually as you use it and avoid blood sugar level spikes which can lead to stored fat and hunger pangs and cravings. This method of eating will mean you need never feel ‘starving' and will provide a good base of energy across the day, avoiding the post lunch dip that can happen after a heavy meal.


Protein Low GI Carb Fruit and Veg
Chicken Wholegrain bread Mixed salad
Tuna Cous cous Carrots, brocolli and peppers
Salmon Wholegrain rice Mixed vegetables
Quorn Porridge oats Berries


Do I have to eat less in my normal meals?

As you are introducing a high protein meal in between your normal meals you should be able to reduce the size of your main meals, resulting in better distribution of your calorie intake to maximize your metabolism and aid digestion. A good rule of thumb is for your protein and carbohydrate serving to be approximately a handful in size, complimented by your choice of vegetables and fruit.

You should also aim to drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. This will help you stay hydrated, which will not only improve your skin and your appearance but will also reduce your appetite as the body often confuses thirst signals for hunger.


Where does body fat come from?

Fat is stored by the body when you have an excess of calories consumed over the amount of calories which are required by the body. Fat is the only storage method for the body when it experiences this excess of energy. This is why foods which are digested quickly and dramatically increase blood sugar levels are more prone to be stored as fat. If a food substance is digested slowly, it's energy is released over a longer period of time, giving the body more chance to use it in general maintenance of the body. However, if that food substance is instantly turned into blood sugar, the body either has to use the energy immediately or store it.

How do I lose excess fat?

Put simply, the removal of excess fat is by a reversal of the bodily processes that store excess energy, if an individual burns more energy than he or she is consuming, the extra energy stored in the body will be removed to be broken down for physical activity.

Why do gains in weight always seem to go on the same place?

The answer to this question is that body fat doesn't simply accumulate in the same place but you often notice it in certain places as it is more noticeable in that place than elsewhere and certain areas accumulate more fat than other areas. If you are a typical female, you will likely accumulate fat around your thighs and hips, but you will also accumulate fat on your breasts, face, back and every other part of the body.

Can I get fat off from a specific part of the body?

No. There is no way to reduce fat in one area specifically by doing specific exercise or following a specific diet. If you exercise a particular part of the body, muscle tissue under the fat will become firm and make the overall appearance of that region look better. However, this will not reduce the quantity of fat within the area, other than as part of an overall loss of fat, which will come from every part of the body.

How many calories will it take to lose one pound of fat?

A calorie is a unit of energy and it is believed that to lose one pound of fat, you need to produce a calorific deficit of approximately 4000 Calories. This is however, only a guide as each person will react differently. Other factors in assessing the rate of fat loss will be the type of calories consumed and the time consumed.

Can I sweat off excess weight in a steam room or sauna?

Remember you are not trying to lose weight but fat. There is a real difference between the two. Weight could be fat, water or even muscle tissue, whereas fat is fat.

The loss of weight through excess sweating as experienced in the sauna/steam room is not fat but water. Such weight returns immediately you consume fluid. Consequently if you lose say two and a half pounds in a session in the steam bath you will replace it with approximately the next two pints of water drunk (one pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter). In addition, if the fluid loss is replaced by a high calorie drink you may end up gaining fats because of your weight loss attempt.


What are Essential Fat and Storage Fat?

The essential fat, required for normal physiological functioning, consists of fat stored in the marrow of bones, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, muscles and lipid rich tissues of the central nervous system. In females, there is an additional sex specific fat which is required for childbearing and other hormonal related functions.

In addition to essential fat deposits, storage fat consists of fat accumulation in adipose tissue. This is usually about 15% of body weight for a healthy, toned woman.

How can the benuu Shot make me feel full?

The benuu shot is full of protein, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters.

Protein is a natural appetite suppressant and with 21g of protein, a benuu shot is the equivalent of eating more than 1 chicken breast.

benuu shots also have hoodia and other active ingredients in them to satisfy hunger

In addition, the metabolism boosting agents in the benuu shots also act to satisfy cravings and hunger pangs

Why do I need the benuu products?

Two reasons, firstly the balanced nutritional benefit of the products and simply convenience. Our products were designed fit in with your lifestyle.

Are the benuu products safe for pregnant women?

Unfortunately they not recommended for pregnant women due to caffeine content.

Can I use benuu products in conjunction with another diet?

Absolutely, any time you eat or drink a benuu product you will feel the benefit.


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