This is how to use benuu

This is how to use benuu

A blog by nic, one of our benuu girls, on how the penny has dropped

Ok, So i had gotten into a naughty habit of not eating and just having my Benuu products, I was so full i couldnt find it in me to eat and wrongly thought that was a good thing. My friend joined me in trying Benuu and in a few days doing it properly with 3 small meals and benuu she lost 3 pounds. So i realised by not using the products properly my initial weightloss was merely being maintained and I wasnt pushing to the next level and burning fat as i wanted to. So, since saturday, just 3 short days i have been eating 3 small meals and having my benuu and have dropped 4 lbs, YES 4 lbs in 3 days :-) I have fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch and really light evening meal like pitta bread and houmus or some chicken or even soup again, I force myself to eat at meal times and because i am forcing myself I am only havign small, very small meals and have dropped 4 lbs, watch out world.... Im LOVING benuu xx


Posted:   23 August 2011

workout with weights for a toned look

workout with weights for a toned look

We know that there is a reluctance from women to take protein and do a weight lifting regime as they fear that this will lead to ‘bulking up', which definitely isn't the aim for most women!

However, due to the female body hormones and a lack of testosterone, this is largely impossible, especially if you undertake a low weight, high rep circuit which leads instead to the optimum result - toned muscles and increased fat loss. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that a work out as detailed below is almost twice as effective as a pure cardio workout at burning calories and keeping the metabolism higher post workout.

The workout below is intended to be performed a couple of times per week and provides a perfect all body workout to leave you feeling great and looking lean and toned. The only equipment required is a set of light dumbbells and a swiss ball so you can do this at any gym, or even at home!

Remember also that 80% of your results are diet based so you don't NEED to do this in addition to eating healthy following the Benuu system, but it will help you get that tones look faster.

Shoulder Press (tones the arm and shoulder muscles)
• Grasp 2 light dumbbells; palms facing body, elbows flexed.
• Raise dumbbells by extending elbows; rotate shoulders to straight position above your head
• Lower to original position and repeat
• Perform 2 sets of 20 reps

Side Raises (creates that definition at the sides of your shoulders)
• Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart with arms hanging at your sides.
• Hold a light dumbbell in each hand with palms facing your body
• Lift the weights out and up to the sides until they are level with your shoulders and hold them for a count of one.
• Lower them slowly back down to your sides.
• Perform 2 sets of 20 reps

"Superwoman" (strengthens the back and bottom, helping your posture - which helps you look better general)
• Lie on your stomach, either on floor, or on a bench, in a neutral position
• Bring up your upper body and your legs as high as you can, squeezing your back
• Perform 2 sets of 20 reps

Close-Hand Pushup (defines the arms)
• Position yourself on your hands and knees, with a straight back and hands close together (less than shoulder width apart)
• Perform pushups, squeezing your chest at the top of the movement
• Perform 2 sets of 20 reps

Dumbbell Lunges (perfect for a toned bottom and upper legs)
• Stand with your feet together, with a light dumbbell in each hand.
• Step forward with your right foot, bend at the knee and lower your hips until your left knee is close to the floor
• Push with your right leg and raise yourself back to the original position
• Perform 2 sets of 10 reps on each leg

Angled Calf Raises (creates shapely calves for those killer heels!)
• Hold a light dumbbell in each hand with feet shoulder width apart and your toes turned out at a 45 degree angle
• Raise up on to your toes as high as possible, pause for a count of one and slowly lower
• Perform 2 sets of 20

Ball Crunch (abs toning exercise)
• Sit on a swiss ball, walk your legs forward to roll back onto the ball so that your lower back rests on the ball, with your legs bent at 90 degrees at the knee
• Gently place your hands behind your head, with your spine straight and your chin pointed towards the ceiling
• Exhale as you crunch up and inhale as you release back down
• Perform 2 sets of 20

Bent-Knee Hip Raises (upper legs and bottoms will be toned and sculpted)
• Lie flat on your back with your hands under your hips, palms on the floor
• Lift your head up slightly and lift your legs off the floor whilst bending them at your knees, pulling your thighs up towards your chest slowly.
• With your knees approaching your chest, contract your abs to slightly lift your pelvis off the floor.
• Slowly return to original position but don't let your legs rest on the floor
• Hold them in that extended position for a count of one and then bring them back up
• Perform 2 sets of 20


Posted:   11 August 2011

The perfect fat loss week

The perfect fat loss week

Try eating a mix and match of the below for one week - you'll feel great and look more toned after just 6 days!! And on the 7th day, reward yourself with a cheat day - it's the only way to make your diet sustainable and your fat loss goals achievable!


• Poached eggs on rye bread
• Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast
• Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
• Porridge oats with honey
• Omelette with sausage/bacon/cheese/vegetables
• Benuu shot, shake or bar

• Benuu shot, shake or bar

• Chicken sandwich with low fat mayo on a wholemeal bagel
• Smoked salmon and low fat cream cheese bagel
• Tuna mayo (low fat) with sweet potato
• Chicken and avocado on rye bread
• Tuna salad with salad leaves, cashews, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers
• Couscous mixed with chicken, chopped vegetables and fresh herbs
• Sweet potato with cottage cheese and chives and a large green salad

• Benuu shot, shake or bar

• Salmon and asparagus salad -
• Chicken and Lemongrass Soup -
• Herby grilled trout -
• Basil stuffed chicken -
• Chicken satay -
• Paprika and lemon chicken -
Add to these any amount you like of the following:
• Spinach
• Cauliflower
• Broccoli
• Asparagus
• Leeks
• Green beans
• Salad leaves


Posted:   27 April 2011

Summer is coming...

Summer is coming...

So, it appears that Spring has, at last, begun to show through.  The sun and the wine has gone to our heads and we've decided to really get in shape ffor the summer...

We are looking for girls with a similar desire to get into their best shape ever to become one of our benuu girls.  For those with the best story, motivation or reason for getting into great shape, we'll give you some benuu products to help you achieve your goals - all you have to do is agree to tell us about your experience using benuu and, hopefully, supply us with some great 'before and after' photos...

If keen, let us know via the 'apply to be a benuu girl' page...

Let's make Summer great

The benuu team


Posted:   10 April 2011

Website goes live

Website goes live

welcome to benuu

finally, the website is up and running.  Please tell us what you think of it...

Posted:   08 April 2011

Follow us on twitter

Follow us on twitter

We've set up @benuufatloss on twitter.  follow us for updates on products, deals, fat loss info and some general gossip

Posted:   20 August 2010


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