We've created benuu in order to help women lose fat and weight in a manner that is safe, easy to use, is based on scientifically proven weight and, more importantly, fat loss principles and avoids the pitfalls of many other diets you may have tried...


Scientifically proven to help you lose fat & tone up.


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We aim to provide you with the knowledge, motivation and some simple, delicious and easy to use products that will enable you to change your lifestyle and eating habits in order to promote fat loss and achieve the toned body you want.

Background to system

Our background is the world of elite sports nutrition where the importance of good nutrition has long been accepted as being of greater importance than the amount of time spent in the gym. We think that the philosophy of eating correctly to achieve your body shape goals applies equally, if not more so, to women who are trying to lose fat and tone up. Yes, it’ll help if you go to the gym or exercise, but it is far more important what you eat when you eat it. We want to provide you with the science of nutrition used and tested on elite athletes and help you apply the proven methodologies to achieve your fat loss and body shape targets within a structure that works with your lifestyle.

What we hope to achieve

We’ve seen any number of diet fads come and go over the years but they all seem to result in one thing – painful weight loss (often as opposed to fat loss) followed by the inevitable weight gain immediately after the diet stops. And this is usually followed, shortly after, by another diet with the same results. Having seen our friends spend much of their lives on one sort of extreme diet or another, many of which we knew from our studies of sports nutrition were fundamentally flawed as weight and fat loss strategies, we decided that we could help.

Introduction to Products

We’ve created a scientifically proven fat loss system that we guarantee will give you results. The benuu fat loss rules are simple to understand and follow and, if you stick to them, you will lose fat. To help you do this, we’ve created a range of women specific, high protein products (mini-meals) that will help you stick to the rules and will fit in with your lifestyle. We’ve taken our time to source the very best ingredients and products and we want to deliver them directly to you in an easy to use way. benuu products are only available online from our website so that we can communicate directly with you to provide advice, motivation and information and also so that we can keep the cost down for you.

We hope you try the benuu fat loss system and our products and that you lose fat.
We also hope that our eating system becomes second nature to you and that by following the simple rules (most of which you probably know already in some form) you keep that weight off and put an end to unsuccessful yo-yo dieting.

Good luck

The benuu Team


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100% Money Back Guarantee